Lulav Space is a robotics company specializing in space applications.
Our engineers took part in the design of Beresheet 1, the first private mission to the moon in 2019, and our vision-based landing sensor has been recently selected for the Beresheet-2 landers to be launched in 2025.

Our work on advanced robotics has led us to develop CITROS – a unified robotics DevOps SaaS platform, designed to support the entire development lifecycle of robotics software, significantly shortening the software validation process from years to months. 


Our SaaS platform provides a unified DevOps pipeline for end-to-end robotics software development.
CITROS seamlessly wraps any blend of robotics development tools (such as Matlab, Simulink, Python, C++, C, etc.), allowing your team to easily integrate all robot’s software components and connect them to simulation and rendering applications (such as Unreal, Blender, Unity, Gazebo etc).

Lulav Space Sensors

Lulav Space Sensors is a family of vision aided relative navigation sensors for space applications, including on-orbit servicing (OOS), active debris removal (ADR), and planetary precision landing.
Lulav Sensors provide the same high performance as current space-qualified sensors, at a fraction of the size, weight, and power. 
Our sensors are customizable with mission-specific algorithms and easily integrate with a wide range of spacecraft.