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What is CITROS

CITROS originated as an internal product developed by Lulav for the Beresheet 2 project, which aims to send a second lunar lander to the moon in the near future. Lulav undertook the ambitious task of creating a vision-based navigation system for the moon, a seemingly straightforward endeavor that turned out to be far more complex than initially anticipated. Given the challenges of testing on the moon itself, the product needded to pass a series of Verification and Validation (V&V) tests on a simulation platform for both System and Acceptance tests.


After an extensive search for a product that could provide the necessary capabilities, Lulav developed CITROS.


CITROS is a ROS2 cloud launcher that simplifies the process of launching multiple simulations in parallel and storing all the data in the cloud for collaboration and easy access. CITROS can be easily configured on any CI/CD pipeline using its powerful CLI tool, eliminating the burden of automation. Users can set up an automatic report generation process after each push or simply upon a webhook/API call. This report can be configured to function as a regression/system/acceptance test. As these reports can be generated manually or automatically for any changes, it becomes possible to continuously evaluate the entire system and track its progress over time.