Terrestrial Sensors​

Terrestrial Sensors

Your Journey. Our Vision.

Our vision-aided relative navigation sensors are low SWaP-C

High Performance

  • A relative navigation sensor to support all phases from orbit to touchdown.
  • Multi-stereo cameras system – Lulav uses two cameras for stereo-vision and can support up to four cameras.
  • True deep- space.
  • Supports terrain mapping and hazard avoidance
  • High altitude surface-relative positioning
  • Accurate measurement of long-distance surface – relative range and velocity
  • In-space calibration of the stereo cameras


  • System configuration, algorithms, and optics can be easily adapted for each application and mission, with the support of a high-fidelity simulation environment.
  • Off-the-shelf and space-proven hardware.
  • ITAR Free

Low SWaP-C

  • Lightweight – a sub-kilogram system
  • Low power consumption
  • Low-cost alternative relative to existing LIDAR relative- navigation sensors.

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